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Canyons District to Move to Blended Learning Model

In response to rising COVID-19 counts, the Canyons Board of Education on Tuesday approved a plan to transition to four days of classroom learning with Friday reserved for remote, or independent, learning.

The new, blended learning schedule will take effect starting Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, which will give families time to adjust their schedules. It will apply to all students.

In-person learners will attend school according to their regular schedules, Monday through Thursday. There will be no early-out or late start days. Friday will be a planning, collaboration and student-consultation day for teachers and a day of independent study for students. Online learners will continue with their online learning Monday through Thursday and use Friday to do independent work as assigned by their teacher.

The temporary calendar change comes in response to rising COVID-19 case counts in the communities CSD serves. Three of the District’s five traditional high schools have transitioned to online learning, and more than 1,700 students across the District have been placed on quarantine due to their coming in close contact with someone in their community who has tested positive for the disease.

Principals on Tuesday testified to the exhaustion, burnout, and mental duress teachers are experiencing as they struggle to teach changing rosters of students across multiple learning environments (in-person, online and students in quarantine). Up to 25 percent of students are quarantined in some schools, requiring teachers to spend 10 to 12 extra hours a week preparing audio and video lessons to accompany the written instructions they’re making available on CSD’s online common-learning management system, Canvas.

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Ridgecrest Roar September 21st

RIDGECREST ROAR       Sept 20, 2020

Hello Ridgecrest families,

We have an exciting week this week with parent teacher conferences being held online.  The teachers are excited to meet with you and share all of the great things happening. Please make sure you join your online meeting at your assigned time.  The teachers will be sending you the online link for the meeting.  Please remember that Thursday is a short day and students go home at 1:40 PM.  There is no school this Friday! 


Picture make up day is next Monday, Sept. 28th

If you want your child to have their picture taken on makeup day, please let the teacher know.  Here is the flyer. Picture Make up Day flyer.pdf 

Online students may come to Ridgecrest to have their pictures taken between 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Sept. 28th.  Students may also make an appointment to go to the Eastman Adams studio to have their pictures taken.  Here is the link if you would like to go directly to Eastman Adams.


If you would like to schedule a meeting with our School Counselor (Allie Teller) or School Social Worker (Diana Aguilera Sanchez) during conferences, please contact them directly.  They can be reached by email at: and or by phone at 801-826-9256.  Allie is full time and will be here both Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Diana is part time and will be conferencing on Thursday evening only.



I know many of you are wondering how we are doing at Ridgecrest with COVID.  At this point, we have no confirmed cases.  As a parent, I know this is a concern for many of you. On Friday, the Canyons Board of Education approved the launch of a new dashboard detailing the number of active COVID-19 cases associated with CSD schools. The information will help guide the Board and Administration as the community works together to face an unprecedented public-health challenge. It’s also hoped it will help families make decisions about the various learning options available to them.

CSD Launches COVID-19 Data Dashboard

If Ridgecrest did have a case, please note that parents would be contacted by school or health officials if, during the contact-tracing process, their child was identified as a student who may have been exposed. If the health department or a school official does not contact you, then your student has not been identified as being exposed.

Parents are encouraged to continue monitoring children for symptoms of COVID-19. Please contact a health provider immediately if your child begins to suffer a fever, cough, or has difficulty breathing. We also recommend taking additional steps to protect your child’s overall well-being. Watch for signs of stress or behavior changes. For additional resources to keep children healthy during stressful times, we urge you to visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s website by clicking

We recognize there may be questions or concerns. Please direct questions by email to Parents also can call the District Office at 801-826-5000. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we address this public-health challenge together.


Upcoming events

Early out Thursday 24th 1:40

Parent Teacher Conferences Wed. & Thurs. Sept. 23rd and 24th

No school Friday 25th


Starting on Monday, 9/21 we have the ONLINE RIDGECREST BOOK FAIR! If you or your kids are ready for some new reading material this is a great opportunity. Using the webstore link below you can: Select your favorite items, pay online, and then everything will be shipped directly to your door. (& Free shipping on over $25 of books!) The Fair will end on October 4th. The proceeds from the Book fair go to stocking our library & classrooms with fun and educational items.

Look for the SHOP NOW button which will go LIVE on Monday!


Please watch our INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK pages this week for a multi-day series on how to use the NEW & IMPROVED BOXTOP program. Boxtops are an EASY way to bring some extra dollars into our classrooms. It’s time to learn this new method (me included)! 


Join the Ridgecrest INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK pages! Instagram: “ridgecrest-pta” Facebook: “Ridgecrest School”

Don’t forget to sign up for PTA to stay involved and informed.


Also, if you’d like to be a volunteer in any capacity throughout the year, don’t forget to get verified through Canyons District.


Have a great week!



Julie Winfree, Principal

801-826-9250 school

CSD Launches Detailed COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Canyons School District has launched a new dashboard detailing the number of active COVID-19 cases associated with its schools.

The information will help guide the Canyons Board of Education and Administration as the community works together to face an unprecedented public-health challenge. It’s also hoped it will help families make decisions about the in-person and remote learning options open to them.

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