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Ridgecrest Roar

RIDGECREST ROAR       May 17, 2020


Good evening Ridgecrest families,


I want to share with you the schedule for the last two weeks of school. This week will be a review week for the students and teachers will be doing some fun activities with their classes to have closure to the year.  Friday will be the last day students need to login to their Chrome books.


Next week we will have Chrome book drop off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  You will simply need to drive up, roll down the window, place the Chrome book into a plastic tub and drive off.  If you have a library book it can be placed in the same tub.  Please remember your charging cord. Some families have asked if they could keep the Chrome book over the summer. I am sorry we are not able to accommodate this request.  The district has thousands of Chrome books checked out and we need to update them, repair them if necessary, clean them, and get them ready to check out in the fall if needed.  Please help us by returning your Chrome book during one of the three days, which are May 26th, 27th, and 28th.  If you can’t make one of those days, please call the office and we will make other arrangements.  80-1826-9250


Our school picture company, Eastman Adams is offering Memory books again this year.  The orders are due by next Friday, May 22nd.  The school does not receive funds from the purchase of the books and the memory books will be sent straight from the company.  Ridgecrest will not be involved in this process at all. It will all be done online. If you want to purchase a memory book please see this flyer. See attached.

This parenting flyer was sent out through Peach Jar earlier in the week but I wanted to send it to those who don’t check Peach Jar.  Canyons School District is offering a few support groups for parents during this pandemic.  If you are interested, please read this flyer.  See attached.

The 5th grade will have their send off this Friday.  We will be doing a drive through parade for them.  We hope to see all the 5th graders.  5th grade teachers are sending out the details to the 5th grade students.  Congratulations 5th graders, you did it!  We are proud of you and we will miss you!

Reflections Art Contest will resume this fall 2020. Start this summer while the kids are home! Students reflect on the theme: 

I Matter Because…. 

And create a work of:

Dance Choreography 



Music Composition 


Visual Art 

Students may enter more than one category, but only one entry per category. Official rules for each category found here: 

Just try! Every entry receives recognition! 



Huge shout out to all of you amazing volunteers, parents, grandparents and those who love our Ridgecrest students. We can’t tell you how much the PTA appreciates all of the time, supplies, and support, big and small, you donated to all the PTA events.  Your support  for our students and school makes a huge difference. Being a part of the PTA board we get to rub shoulders with so many of you and it’s amazing being a part of such a wonderful community. We wish we could thank each of you personally.  We hope you and your families are doing well throughout this time of quarantine and we hope to see you out this coming fall. 






Stay healthy and happy, we miss you!


As always, please let us know if you have concerns or questions.  We love working with your students, even if it is online.


Julie Winfree, Principal





Julia Winfree, Principal

Ridgecrest Elementary

Canyons School District


CSD Sponsors ‘Parenting in a Pandemic’ Support Group

Juggling work demands while helping your child navigate online learning. Searching for happy diversions to fill the hours spent in forced confinement. Seesawing between moments of hope and clarity and fear and frustration.

Parenting in a pandemic has its ups and downs. But, as it’s been said, we’re all in this together — so why not take a little comfort from others who are going through it, too? In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Canyons District is sponsoring a “Parenting in a Pandemic” support group with sessions running every Tuesday afternoon and evening throughout May.

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Ridgecrest Roar

RIDGECREST ROAR       May 10, 2020

Good evening Ridgecrest families,


I want to start by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.  I hope your day was filled with family and fun.  I hope each of you had a relaxing day.   


This is the last week for instruction on new topics.  Next week will be centered around review and some fun closing, fun activities.  Chrome book return will be on Tuesday the 26th-Thursday the 28th.  You will be able to drive through the drop off lane between 8:00-3:00 on those three days to drop off your Chromebook and charging cord.  You can also drop off library books if you still have them. You will not have to leave the car, we will have you put your items in a container from the car window.  Thank you for your help in returning your Chrome books.  We have checked out over 300 and it will take us all summer to get them restocked and updated to be ready for August.


Governor Gary R. Herbert has declared May 2020 as Utah Resilience Month

Here is a message from Governor Herbert.

Utah Resilience Month Parent Packet #1


We are planning to have a celebration for our 5th grade graders on Friday, May 22nd.  The 5th grade teachers will be reaching out with information about the celebration to their classes. If you have a 5th grader, please watch your teacher’s communication.  


We have postponed our Kindergarten orientation until right before school starts.  We will be sending more information once we have solid plans.


Registering your Child for School During the COVID-19 School Dismissal

 Are you looking to enroll a child in one of our schools — now, or for the coming year?

 Canyons School District has launched an online registration portal to assist families in registering new students during the COVID-19 pandemic so they can take advantage of the at-home instruction being provided throughout the “soft closure” of our schools. Traditionally, students who are new to Canyons have had to register in person so they can provide verifiable copies of their birth certificate along with other required documentation.


Now, to streamline the registration process, the District has created a way for families to scan and preliminarily submit those documents online. The online registration

 is available to all those registering in Canyons for the first time, whether they’ve recently relocated here and need to enroll in classes immediately, or they’re a toddler preparing for “big kid school” in the fall. 


Stay healthy and happy, we miss you!


As always, please let us know if you have concerns or questions.  We love working with your students, even if it is online.


Julie Winfree, Principal


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