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Parking Lot Procedures

We have made significant changes to our parking lot over the last several years. Much thought was put into the planning of it. There is increase capacity for parking, widened lanes, lengthened space for drop-off/pick-up, improved traffic flow, ADA compliant handicapped parking, an improved walking path for students crossing the driving lanes, and many other improvements.

Great care has been taken to ensure these plans put student safety first.   However, the plans are only successful if followed carefully. Please review the following procedures and examine the map on the back of this page.

Drop-Off and Pick-up Lanes

  • Pull forward as far as possible. This will help decrease the number of people waiting in line. Keep moving forward when space opens up in front of you.
  • Merge into the drop-off/pick-up lane prior to getting to the yellow curb. Cars are directed to pull as far forward as possible, not leaving room for merging next along the yellow curb.
  • Students should enter and exit vehicles only on the curbside – no exceptions.
  • There is absolutely no parking in the drop-off and pick-up lane. Drivers must remain in their vehicles. There are no exceptions.
  • With safety the first priority, encourage students to load and unload vehicles as quickly as possible.
  • Watch carefully for pedestrians and keep the crosswalk in front of the school clear.
  • Be keenly aware of the safety patrol as they stop traffic for pedestrian crossing.

Parking Lots/Pedestrians

  • If you will be entering the building or walking your child to school from the parking lot, please use the parking lot on the north side of the building. Park only in designated parking stalls and do not use this lot as a pick-up or drop-off lane. Students are not allowed to “meet” parents in the parking lot. An adult must accompany all students entering or leaving the parking lot.
  • When entering or leaving the parking lot, only use the designated crosswalk in front of the school and follow the lead of the safety patrol.
  • Pedestrians are not allowed to cross into or out of the parking lot except via the sidewalk on the south side.
  • Follow the directions of staff members on duty.
  • There is absolutely no parking in the east lots next to Antczak Park. This is the designated handicap parking and bus lane and there should never be pedestrian traffic in this area.
  • The church parking lot across the street from the school and Antczak Park should not be used as a drop-off/pick-up areas. These areas are not monitored for student safety.

Every elementary school must handle a large amount of traffic at the beginning and end of a school day. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. We do everything we can to maximize the flow of traffic while keeping students safe. Your support of the procedures is paramount in this process. We know your time is important. Even more that that, we know that the safety of every single student is our primary responsibility.

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