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August 31, 2022 – Agenda

August 2022 Ridgecrest SCC Minutes[64]

Ridgecrest Elementary School Community Council
Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, August 31, 2022- 4:00pm- Library
Attending- Sara Allen, Marci Cardon, Carrie Christensen, Londyn Freeman, Brad Hunter, Annette Hubley, Summer Gallegos, Stephanie Pierson, Anna Whiteley, Julia Jensen

  • –  Call to Order 4:02- and Introductions

  • –  Elections of New Members and discussion of terms for returning members Marci Cardon motion and 2nd Carrie Christensen- unanimous parent vote for new member and new terms for Summer Gallegos, Brad Hunter, Stephanie Pierson, Julia Jensen, Anna Whiteley

  • –  Elect Chair and Vice Chair, appoint Secretary

    • –  Annette Hubley motion and 2nd Londyn Freeman to elect Marci Cardon as SCC Chair

    • –  Carrie Christensen motion and 2nd Marci Cardon to elect Anna Co-chair

    • –  Londyn Freeman motion and 2nd Anna Whiteley to appoint Julia Jensen as Secretary

    • –  Collect roster Information

  • –  Set meeting dates for year- Proposed by Sara Allen Last Wednesday of the month except as noted- 4pm in Library every meeting

– 9/21, 10/26, 11/30, 12/14, 1/25, 2/22, 3/29, 4/26, 5/17

  • –  Review Rules of Order and procedures- Reviewed Items from website

    • –  Open Meeting Requirements- visitors attend to listen unless have requested to address the


    • –  Reviewed Effective Meetings suggestions and Rules of Order and Procedures documents from

      SCC website- key points- respect of all thoughts shared in meetings and student needs above all.

  • –  District Training Information for SCC Members

– Required Training-

  • –  New SCC Members- SCC 101 training- watch online

  • –  Annual Training for all (choose one time)

    • –  September 7th- 9am and 6pm

    • –  September 15th- 1pm and 6pm

    • –  September 27th- 10am and 6pm

  • –  Overview District Strategic Plan- Sara Allen

    • –  Link to presentation included

      – https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Strategic-Plan-2022-Update -6-7-22.pdf

    • –  Emphasis in schools on team collaboration for teachers to promote high impact learning for students- Ridgecrest making adjustments to optimize collaboration time

  • –  School Safety Comments from Sara Allen

    • –  CH police chief and mayor had summer meeting with administration of schools to reassure on

      police training for school emergencies

    • –  Parent Night on School Safety 9/7 Butler Middle School

  • –  For Information of council- Link to School Board Meetings and Information- https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/leadership/board/board-meetings/

  • –  Adjourned- 4:54pm

– Motion Summer Gallegos, 2nd Londyn Freeman

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