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August 30, 2023 – Minutes

Minutes of Ridgecrest SCC Agenda – August 2023

Ridgecrest Elementary School Community Council 

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 30, 2023-  4:00pm- Library


Attending: Brooke, Londyn, Anna, Sara, Rhea, Summer, Julie, Brad, Jeanne, Cort, Carrie

Absent: Stephanie McCabe

  • Call to Order 4:02pm
  •  and Introductions
  • Elections of New Members and discussion of terms for returning members
    • Unanimous vote for election for renewal of seat and new terms for Carrie, Cort, Stephanie, Jeanne, Brooke
      • Collect roster Information: will be public on the website with a click to contact. Forward any phishing emails to Susan Edwards at the district
      • Pick a date to attend district training. Contact Anna once done
  • Set meeting dates for year
    • Possible change of day for meetings- meetings to remain on 4th Wed of month unless noted otherwise
    • Meetings for the year: 9/20, 10/25, 11/15,12/13(if needed), 1/24, 2/21. 3/27, 4/24, 5/15 (if needed)
  • Elect Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
    • Chair: Julia nominates Anna Whiteley, Carrie & Summer second- Vote unanimous
    • Vice Chair: Julia nominates Carrie, Summer second – Vote unanimous
    • Secretary Nomination for Rhea by Sara, Second Anna – Vote Unanimous
  • Review Rules of Order and procedures
    • Including Open Meeting Requirements
  • Review Bylaws
  • District Training Information
    • See below for details
  • Review End-of-Year Data and Previous Years Plan and Current Years Plan- Sara Allen
  • School Goals and review increase growth in math and reading, Reduce office referrals increase in positive to negative feedback and use of SES data and resources.
    • End of year Summary
    • Reading – not reached, ambitious but made significant growth, saw a dip midyear and then had an increase in growth. Getting close to pre covid levels in reading
    • Proficiency – meeting grade level 63-64 on average, huge jump in low income and uptick in special ed.
    • Looking at grade level each year and the trend overtime
      • Are they increasing as they age up? And how do they perform at the end of the year. Looking like were doing better with applying the new curriculum and moving kids forward.
      • Grades are moving up and making growth. Kinder did significantly well and the 5th graders
    • Summer asking if we can see comparisons to other schools in the area at next meeting.
      • Sara- Kinder above, 1st mid range, 2nd below, 3rd hitting mid. Will provide more details at next meeting
  • Math-
    • MLLs(multi-language learners aka English learning students) seeing significant increase in their abilities. ST math making a difference across the board.
    • MLs making the most growth and had a significant focus to help them
    • 70% as a school proficient
    • Testing benchmarks move for each grade level, and add on at each testing time.
      • When the benchmark shifts and the requirements shift on each test so that sometime trip them up.

Celebrations to be made in Math.

Focus this year and making the best of our time in math in the school. Increasing feedback and engagement in the Specific students that were the main contributors to the these numbers, but when removed from things the numbers are with in the reach of the goal.

TSSP Goals for the year:

Added specifics this year to help with measuring  things, and how they will be reached.

Math added a goal for spring with proficiency

PBIS; Attendance was awful last year 30ish percent not on track.

Tiger pride attendance, daily winners and quarterly winners. Lots of incentives

Budgets for the year: not quite settled. Waiting for final counts in Oct and then the amount will be settled.

May have $30k possible to use for the year coming, outside of the currently proposed budget.

Cell tower fund: Currently about $1900 in cell tower fund. Will need to shift the usage of cell tower money due to removal of the rented water/ice machine and installation of a permanent ice machine to be maintained by district.

Sara motion to Move the money to the Principle discretionary fund. Summer  2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

There will also be around $2k that will need reallocation, will discuss further when numbers settle.

Motion to adjourn meeting Londyn, Second by Carrie

Meeting Adjourned 5:01pm


Required Training-

New SCC Members- SCC 101 training- watch online


Annual Training for all (choose one time)

September 7th, 9 -10:30am or 6-7:30pm

September 15th, 1-2:30pm or 6-7:30pm

September 27th, 10-11:30am or 6-7:30pm


Additional training may be required for Chair and Vice Chair after the election meeting.


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