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Safe Walking Routes

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Ridgecrest Safe Walking Routes

The safe walking routes for Ridgecrest are detailed below.   We strongly encourage families to adhere to these routes, which have been planned with student safety in mind.

Ridgecrest has four areas south of Fort Union Blvd with the school located in the middle of the four neighborhoods. It has three areas north of Fort Union, which would require students to cross Fort Union Blvd. Children are never to cross Fort Union Blvd, therefore there are buses provided and there is not a safe walking route provided.

From the southwest area, Santa Fe and Boulder Hollow apartments located on the south side of Fort Union, walk east on Fort Union to 1620 East, turn right and walk south to 7080 So. Right again on 1700 East and continue south to 7200 So. Proceed east on the north side of the street to the crossing guard at the raised crosswalk in front of the school.

From 1330 East to the school and Parkridge Drive west of 1600 East, proceed north along 1330 East, 1440 East, 1540 East, 1600 East, or 1710 East to 7200 South.   Turn east along the south side of the street to the school. Enter on the west side crosswalk.

From the southeast area there are three streets coming south from Fort Union to 7200 South. Chris Lane (1760 East) north of 7200 and DeVille Drive (1880 East) have sidewalks, Brookhill (1820 East) is narrow and doesn’t have sidewalks. Students are encouraged to use Chris Lane or DeVille Drive whenever possible. Everyone in the northeast quadrant walks on the north side of 7200 South to cross onto the campus with the crossing guard.

The east area (1775 East to Highland Drive) and small streets feeding south from Parkridge Drive are encouraged to use Chris Lane (1775 East) or 1950 East coming north to 7200 and proceed east or west to the school on the south side of 7200 South.

Some students may have to use Highland Drive; but most apartment buildings have access onto 1950 East, which is less busy than 2000 East (Highland Drive). Students using Highland Drive proceed south to 7200 South, turn west, and walk to the school on the south side of the street.

In the past, students in the southeast quadrant have been encouraged to use the pathways or easements through Antczak Park to enter the school via the back routes. During the winter it is impossible to maintain these dirt paths, and maintenance is difficult year round. For this reason, it is preferable for students to walk on designated streets instead of through the back of the park.


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