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Ridgecrest Roar – November 13, 2022

RIDGECREST ROAR   November 13, 2022


Good evening Ridgecrest families,

The past week was one of those weeks where the generosity and kindness in our community were on display and I was left feeling very grateful to be part of it.


We had a wonderful Veterans Day assembly on Friday where we had the opportunity to celebrate with our Ridgecrest Community veterans. Thank you to all the veterans and their families who joined us, and to our students and faculty who help to make the day special.


We also held our annual food drive and collected an impressive amount of food that we will share with those who need it in our own community. Thank you so much for your generosity.


School Information

December Holidays – Each year, Ridgecrest helps to make the holidays a little more special for some of our families by helping to fulfill their wish lists. If you’re interested in helping us with this project, please reach out to Annette Hille in the front office. She can be reached at 801-826-9250.


Attendance – Our school has set a long-term goal for average student attendance to be 95% of our students at school each day. Attendance is a habit that gets easier with time and is one that we need to improve upon at Ridgecrest. Our short-term goal is to raise our average attendance rate to 90% and we celebrate with our students when their classes reach that goal. Last week our average attendance decreased to 86%. We know it is tricky to navigate when to keep children home with illness and when to send them. A good rule of thumb is to consider if a child has had 24 hours without a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. If that is the case, generally, we would prefer they were at school.


Information previously shared that still might be helpful

Bus Reminders: If your children ride the bus would you please take a moment to remind them that the rules of school apply on the bus, and that they must listen to the directions given by the bus driver just like they would all other school adults. This is how we make sure that students are safe on the bus.


PTA News:

Hi Ridgecrest Families!


Our next PTA meeting is tomorrow at noon. We will be meeting in the Media Center.


We will be electing our Nominating Committee soon. We need two non-board PTA members to serve on this committee, and these members are elected by the general PTA membership. Members who are elected to be on the Nominating Committee cannot be on the PTA board next year though. We still need your nominations for this committee. Please send over your information if you or someone you know would be willing to be on the Nominating Committee. Our Nominating Committee will need to be elected at our General PTA Meeting happening on December 12th at noon.


Also, now is a great time to be thinking about our next year’s PTA board. Are you willing to help so we can continue with some awesome events and programs? Make sure to let us know if you would like to be on the PTA board next year or if you have someone in mind that you would like to nominate. Please email us at ridgecrest1pta@gmail.com with your nominations.


Our next Community Partnership Night will be with Papa Murphy’s from November 16-19.


Also, don’t forget that Fridays are Tiger Spirit days! Students receive a small treat if they wear school colors or a Ridgecrest shirt. School colors must be the majority of the clothing in order to be counted, but any Ridgecrest shirt (fun run shirts included) count as Tiger Spirit.


Have an amazing week,

Your Ridgecrest Elementary PTA 2022-23 Board




14            PTA Meeting

16-19       Papa Murphy’s Community Nights

18            Report cards sent home

21            DLI Applications window closes

23-25     Thanksgiving Break – No school

30            SCC Meeting



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