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Ridgecrest Roar- January 2, 2022

RIDGECREST ROAR      Jan. 2, 2022


Good evening Ridgecrest families,


Welcome back from our Winter Recess!  We hope you were all able to enjoy some time with your loved ones as well as a little rest and relaxation. There is a busy week ahead of us.


School Information

We will not have students in the building this Friday or the next Friday. This week we have a Remote Learning Day on January 7th and then January 14th is a grading day for teachers. Please make sure to make your calendars. This also means our Ridgecrest Runners will be meeting on Thursday mornings instead of Fridays for the next 2 weeks.


There are new Covid guidelines from the Utah Health Department that are being adopted by Canyons School District. Please watch for more information that will be sent to you in the coming days from our district communications.


Starting in January, we will be learning more about emotional regulation at Ridgecrest. We will use a framework called Zones of Regulation which is a simple system that helps kids identify their emotions as well as their energy level. By learning and practicing emotional regulation, students are increasing their self-awareness as well as taking the first step in working towards using tools that can help them stay regulated.  You can learn more information on Miss Allie’s Canvas course here:



For Parents/Guardians:

Please remember to send your child dressed appropriately for the weather.

  • Mornings: Students are let into the school in the mornings when it is 22 degrees or colder. Otherwise, students wait outside until 8:40.
  • Recess: Students will be outside for 15-20 minutes during their recess time whenever possible. This is much more enjoyable when they are dressed for snowy winter weather.


As we come back to school after school breaks, it is often challenging for our students to adjust. Here are a few ideas to help everyone. Setting up a consistent schedule and creating routines at home can make tasks, schedules, and activities run more smoothly. The consistency of using these routines creates predictability and can help children feel safe. We’ve gathered some resources with information about how to set schedules and routines along with an example of a visual task checklist for a morning routine. You can find this information on Miss Allie’s Canvas course:  https://canyons.instructure.com/courses/1459254/pages/december-slash-january-wellness-resources


 PTA News:


Class Spelling Bees will be on Tuesday,  January 11, so keep studying. Grade level spelling bees will be held on Monday, January 24th.. For those looking for more words to study or tips for spelling bee success, take a look at http://spellingbee.com





3rd – Acadience Testing grades K-2

7th – Virtual Learning Day – No In-Person School

10th  – Acadience Testing grades 3-5

10th – PTA meeting

11th – Class spelling bees

14th – Teacher Grading Day – No school for students

17th- No school – MLK Jr. Day 

24th- Grade level spelling bees

26th- SCC meeting



Happy New Year!


-Julie                                                                                     -Sara    

Julie Winfree, Principal                                Sara Allen, Assistant Principal

801-826-9250 school                                     801-826-9250 school

Julia.winfree@canyonsdistrict.org           Sara.Allen@canyonsdistrict.org              


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