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RIDGECREST ROAR       March 12, 2018

Hello Parents,

What a beautiful weekend, I hope you got outside to enjoy some sunshine. We have a fun week planned at Ridgecrest.

School Fundraiser Update: The school fundraiser is officially over!  I want to thank each and every family that participated.  We collected just under $16,000.  That is amazing!  We will order three carts of Chrome books tomorrow. This will bring us very close to our technology goal of 1 to 1 in our first through fifth grades.  We will complete our second grade classes with this order and next year we will focus on our first grade classes.  Thank you again for making technology possible in our school!

Utah PTA Reflections contest:  Ridgecrest is proud to announce that we have a 2017-2018 Utah PTA Reflections contest state winner.  Reese Marino, a first-grade student, won an award of Excellence in visual arts. She now advances to the national level of the arts competition. She is one of 13 Canyons District students to claim prizes in the state contest, which was based on the theme, “Within Reach.” Good luck Reese!

Drop off and Pick Up:  Parents, we are having daily problems with our drop off and pick up.  We need your help!  In everything we are asking, student safety is our priority.  We all need to follow the same procedures so we don't have a tragedy happen.  We have had several near misses in the past few weeks!  Here are a few of the daily problems:

  • Parents are letting students out in the parking lot.  Students are walking behind cars and cars can not see the students.  They are also walking in areas with no crosswalks and parents are not expecting to see students walking in the parking lot. Please only drop off in the drop off lane or park your car in the parking lot and walk your student to the crosswalk.
  • When building the new parking lot, research was done on the most efficient way to get hundreds of cars through the drop off.  We have two lanes. Both lanes enter off of 7200 South. One lane turns in from the East and one turns in from the West. The lane that enters from the West leads right to the curb.  The East lane leads to the outside of the drop off area away from the curb.  Students can not get out when a car is in the outside lane.  Students can not cross the drop off lane. The parents that are in this lane are moving forward and when they see an opening, they are to pull into the inside lane. If a car sees there are no openings all the way up to the end, the car needs to wait until there is an opening. I realize this may cause frustration, but that is how drop is planned.  With that being said, please make sure you are using all the way to the end of the sidewalk, past the flagpole in front of the school and crosswalk to drop off.  We can fit about 6 cars on the other side of the crossing guard. Once you have picked up your student from the curb, then each driver should work on moving back into the outside lane.  I know this is not simple, but if you use patience it will work!

Most importantly, please treat each other with respect.  We are trying to model respect, responsibility, and safety everyday in school.  We have parents yelling at teachers, yelling at each other, and yelling at students. This is not what we want to teach our children. Please follow the rules and model our expectations for our students.  Bus duty or drop off duty is not one of the teacher’s favorite duties.  They have been asked to politely remind parents and students to follow the procedures.  This is uncomfortable for teachers. Please follow their requests.  They have been trained on the correct procedures of drop off and pick up.  Thank you!

University of Utah Reading Clinic:  Several of you have asked me for information on summer school opportunities.  Attached is a summer school flyer from the University of Utah.  This is a quality program.

PTA News

The PTA would love to have your feedback on activities and other important issues. Please follow the link and take a moment to complete the PTA Needs Assessment Survey to tell us about what is important to you and your children.

The PTA Board meeting will be Wednesday, March 14 at 12:20pm in the Library Conference Room.

To join PTA, stay informed of upcoming events, and learn more about the Ridgecrest PTA, please visit our website at http://www.ridgecrestelementarypta.org

You may also follow us on Instagram -  @Ridgecrest_PTA and on Facebook - Ridgecrest Elementary. 

Upcoming Events

March 12   Ririe Woodbury Assembly 2:15 PM

March 13   Community Education Presentations during lunch

March 14   SCC meeting 5:30 PM

March 15   4th Grade Fieldtrip to the Natural History Museum 10:30 AM

March 16   Hazmat Drill 9:00 AM

March 22   3rd Grade This is the Place Fieldtrip 9:15 AM (correction)

March 29   Responsible Pet Assembly in Gym 2nd grade

March 29   Teacher of the Year Announcement Assembly 2:00 PM

March 30   K-2 Timpanogos Storytelling Assembly 9:00 AM

March 30   3-5 Timpanogos Storytelling Assembly 10:00 AM

April 2-6    Spring Break

As always, please let us know if you have concerns or questions.  We love working with your students! 


Julie Winfree, Principal

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