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This week we are starting an attendance and tardy incentive contest.  We have 83% of our students that are consistently at school and are on time.  That means that 17% or 106 students are regularly tardy or missing too much school. We realize there are things that happen and students do miss school, but research (and our own school data) shows that students who attend more, learn more and get better grades and are more likely to graduate from high school.  Attendance is one of the strongest early indicators of high school success.  We really appreciate that you are making attendance a priority as well.

For our contest, students need to be in their seat no later than 8:45 when the tardy bell rings, school starts at 8:40.  Teachers will take roll at 8:45. If everyone is in their seat and on time, the class will get a letter.  When the class spells ATTENDANCE, they will get a reward.  Please help your students to be on time and present.


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