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Ridgecrest Mission Statement

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Themissionof Ridgecrest is to provide a proactive education of academic excellence where all students achieve in a respectful and safe environment that honors diversity, welcomes community, fosters positive relationships, and facilitates a desire to become a life-long learner and contributing member of society.

Teacher of the Year 2018-2019

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Congratulations to Sara Hawker!! She is Ridgecrest's Teacher of the Year!


The selection panel chose Sara Hawker, one of Ridgecrest’s Kindergarten teachers,  because of her exemplary abilities to set the foundatioor er students, her strong relationships with students, and her passion for lifelong learning.  As a member of the BLT, Sara advocates for early childhood education and knows the importance of setting a strong foundation for learning.  Sara stays current with research-based instructional practices and always strives to improve her teaching by implementing what she has learned.  Sara is an amazing educator with 9 years of experience.  She deeply cares about each student and ensures that each student reaches their potential.  Two of her students even filled out an application. One wrote in his nomination that he nominated her because she looks nice, she lets them skip recess sometimes and lets them play games, music and computer lab.  Sara has strong communication skills between school and home. She eagerly invites parents to become an important part of her classroom. Sara is a phenomenal teacher that is making a significant difference in the lives of children.

Common Sense Media

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This is an awesome resource for parents to teach their kids how to be safe on line and also off line. There are many opportunities and resources of ways you can talk to your child to keep them safe. There are contests, challenges (for example, this month is "tech-free meal" where parents and kids turn off their devices and share a meal together)


To get to Common Sense.org, simply click on the image above.


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