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 Ridgecrest Elementary School Plan

Sept. 13, 2020



Procedures and Protocols to Mitigate the Risks


●      Teachers will teach expectations and supervise arrival procedures.

●      Encourage parents not to drop off more than 10-15 minutes before school starts

●      Entry and Exit flow paths clearly marked to help with congestion

●      Students must wear face coverings as they arrive

●      Students will line up by class and grade level, lines will be spread out around the school, places are marked

●      Students will enter through grade level doors

●      No playing on playground or with personal equipment before school

●      Lines will be placed on blacktop to help kids with spacing

●      Students that are more than 15 minutes late will be bring a note from parents into the office to check in. Parents will be encouraged to just drop students off with a note and not enter the building.

●      Parents will be asked to walk students to the crosswalk in front of the school.  They will be asked not to cross with students, but instead have the teacher cross the students. Students will then go line up. First day they may take students to their lines.


●      Students will be dismissed in groups

●      3:20 Walkers & Carpool/pick up students released first

●      Bussing students will be called from classes as buses arrive

●      Teach kids to have spacing with physical distancing

●      Families who carpool can work with their teachers to have their students dismissed at a time that works for the carpool

●      Students who walk home will be taught to leave campus promptly

●      Kindergarten families will work with teachers to make dismissal plans that work with the families

●      Parents will be asked to wait for students on the parking lot side of the school and not to cross the crosswalk. The teacher crossing guard will cross students so they can meet their parents


●      Entrance will be through the 2nd grade north doors

●      Students will sit three to a table with all the tables down

●      We will assign tables per grade level

●      Breakfast students will exit through the south doors and go to their classroom line up

●      We will use the gym for 1st and 2nd grades

●      Kindergarten will be in their room

●      Kitchen staff will note where students sit for contact tracing


●      Physical distancing addressed by desks being separated

●      Students are facing forward

●      Desks will be at least 51 inches apart from front to back

●      Desks will be at least 60 inches side to side

●      Depending on room size, a range of 23-28 desks will fit in classrooms.

●      Teacher will wear face coverings at all times physical distancing is not possible

●      Students will wear face coverings

●      Carpet time will be under 15 minutes and students will wear face coverings

●      For families that do not feel safe returning, an online option will be provided.  Providing online instruction for DLI is still being discussed

●      Online registration will open on July 27th.  Parents will select online or in person instruction.

●      Unnecessary furniture will be removed from classroom

●      Students will sanitize their hands every time they enter the classroom

●      Pillows and items that will be difficult to sanitize will be removed from the rooms

●      Assigned seats for contact tracing


●      Traffic flow established, everyone stays on the right side of the hall

●      Signage will be installed to direct the flow of traffic

●      Schedules will be staggered to reduce numbers of students in the hallways at the same time.

●      We will walk like we drive

●      Adults and students will wear face coverings while in the halls

●      Drinking fountains will be used to fill water bottles or cups, not for individual drinks

●      Students will be encouraged to bring a water bottle to school – Water bottles will be provided if students don’t bring a water bottle

●      Hallways will be divided to help students with traffic flow


●      Main bathroom doors will remain open

●      Grade levels will limit the number of students in the restrooms at any given time

●      Training and signage will be utilized to show proper handwashing technique

●      Students will be encouraged to use the bathroom throughout the day and not just at recess

●      Custodial services will clean restrooms throughout the day


●      Students will wash hands before going to lunch

●      Only one grade level in the cafeteria at a time

●      Students will be encouraged to eat within a 15-minute time period

●      Assigned seats by classroom, 3 students per table

●      Tables will be marked where to sit

●      Signage will be placed on the floor to encourage physical distancing while lining up

●      The north door will be utilized for entry and the south door will be utilized for exit

●      Students will sanitize hands before going out to recess

●      On days when we do not have Playworks or Playworks is outside, the gym will be used for additional tables and spacing

●      Parents will be encouraged to send disposable lunches, including lunch bag, if possible

●      After students eat, lunch boxes will be placed outside the building along the wall and students will pick them up as they line up to go in.

●      Lunch cards will no longer be used, teachers will take lunch count on a paper

●      Kids will not punch numbers into the keypad, the lunch secretary will enter them for the students

●      A garbage can will be placed on both sides of the cafeteria to reduce lines

●      Tables will be cleaned between each grade level and after the lunch is over

●      Food service workers will wear face masks

Brain Boosters

●      Classes will attend as a class instead of mixing grade levels

●      Booster teachers will push in instead of having students attend in the booster classrooms

●      Playworks will be outside if weather permits

●      Media will be in the classroom, no checking out of books yet

●      Art will push into classrooms and will be mindful of shared materials. Any shared materials will be cleaned after each use

●      Music will not singing and will instead focus on elements of music

Tier II Support

●      Small groups will be held in the pods or in the interventionists classroom to increase spacing

●      Interventionists will work with specific grade levels and groups as to limit them to the number of students they work with

●      Interventionists and students will wear face coverings in order to attend small groups

●      The small group designated spaces will be cleaned between groups

●      Students will continue to be grouped by skill


●      One grade level will be outside at a time for grade level recess

●      Kids have the option to wear face coverings at recess

●      Playworks coach will teach touch free games and activities.

Lunch Recess

●      One grade will be on the playground at a time

●      Kids have the option to wear face coverings at recess

●      The playground will be divided into two parts, Antczak Park and the school playground

●      Signage will be placed on the floors to encourage physical distancing while waiting in line

●      Students will sanitize hands upon reentering their classrooms

Computers/ Chromebooks / iPads

●      Every student will have a device assigned to them

●      Regular cleaning and wiping down will occur

●      Each student will clean their device daily under the direction of their teacher

●      Each classroom will have a spray bottle to clean devices

●      One set of headphones will be provided to each student

Large Gatherings including Assemblies, Back to School, etc.

●      There will be no large group activities, this will be assessed midyear

●      Where possible, virtual activities will replace those events

●      Back to school night will be a pre-recorded video link that will let parents to access information. One will be done by the office and PTA, and one from each teacher.


●      Volunteers will be limited at the start of the year as we adjust to the new normal. Essential volunteers will need to be pre-approved by administration.

●      Teachers will schedule volunteers when and if the needs outweigh the risk.  

●      Volunteers will need to wear face coverings.

●      Volunteers will be required to have their temperature checked upon arrive and fill out a health checklist

●      Volunteers will need to fill out a contact tracing form as they move throughout the building. It will be submitted to the office as they leave.

●      We will start the year without Watch Dogs.

Special Programs

●      No before or after school activities until further notice

●      We will need safety patrol

●      NO Jr. Coaches at this time

●      Student council will be postponed until further notice


Sensory Room

●      SEL staff will follow face covering and physical distancing guidelines when providing support for students.


●      Face coverings are required for all adults entering the building

●      Plexiglass barriers will be installed

●      Office phones will only be used by office staff. Staff will communicate student messages to parents.

●      Families are encouraged to call ahead when a student needs to leave during the school day to prevent an accumulation of adults in the office

Health room

●      There will be two different sick rooms, one for COVID symptoms and one for other sickness or injury

●      Teachers to limit office visits by students

●      Medications will be stored in an alternate secure location to ensure they may be administered if the room is in use to isolate a student.



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